A visit to a house from the past

Today we visited the House of Tarvit near Ceres in Fife. A Georgian country house rebuilt by the Sharp family. This family were Dundee jute mill owners who had the original building pulled down and a new house designed Sir Robert Lorimer to house Fredrick Sharps’ art and furniture collection. And so each room depicts a different style from mock baronial to French 18th Century. Yet … Continue reading A visit to a house from the past

Good Service

What is your comfort zone in worship? Today we tried not to find worshippers’ limits but at least to explore what challenges us in new ways. The original idea was to have the service outdoors. Unfortunately, a Scottish summer didn’t allow that – so inside we went. However, we managed to maintain the slightly impromptu feel of bring the talents of congregation together. In fact, … Continue reading Good Service

A day off

Strange how after such a cold winter, we take this warm snap as the norm. Actually the weather is slipping away leaving a leaden steaminess in its wake. But that did not stop us getting out and heading to St Andrews. The town was bustling with students with, probably with exams over, are only waiting for results and then off to what? Do students still … Continue reading A day off