A day off

Strange how after such a cold winter, we take this warm snap as the norm. Actually the weather is slipping away leaving a leaden steaminess in its wake. But that did not stop us getting out and heading to St Andrews. The town was bustling with students with, probably with exams over, are only waiting for results and then off to what? Do students still have summer jobs? The tourists are also arriving and with the Golf Open in July, this Home-of-Golf is only to set to get busier.

Painting took up some of the afternoon and then I worked on the Green Piano Player – will post it soon. Its based on a sketch that did of an old man who play the grand piano at Benningbourgh Hall (NT) so beautiful when we visit a few weeks back. We sat and listened in a window seat and then, when we praised him, he seemed surprised. He apparently only played the piano one day a week.  Nevertheless his music filled the old Georgian house like a fragrance of the past


The evening found me half watching telly and doing some Visual Basic Programming for a bit of light relief! A programme on the history Italian Opera makes we wonder whether at some future date software programmers will be remembered like composers – probably not!


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