Good Service

What is your comfort zone in worship? Today we tried not to find worshippers’ limits but at least to explore what challenges us in new ways. The original idea was to have the service outdoors. Unfortunately, a Scottish summer didn’t allow that – so inside we went. However, we managed to maintain the slightly impromptu feel of bring the talents of congregation together. In fact, despite our now polish, marble and pew surrounds, something more akin to ‘a Hall Service’ resulted. Most important was the keep of the children in the church for the full service. During the sermon, they kept themselves quietly occupied by colouring in a picture specially placed in the Order of Service. Needless to say, a judging of the results had to take place during post-worship coffee!

Its not easy to get all age groups to worship together and sadly the lowest common denominator tends to prevail. However if the 21st Century church is a return to the house churches of the First Century, let it be their ‘living rooms’. For those are the rooms where share in companionship yet use simultaneously in different ways. 


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