Hope for Cumbria

I am greatly shocked to know that, as I typed in my blog entry yesterday, terror was stalking the streets and lanes of Cumbria. For out of a warm summer’s day came death to just ordinary folk at the hands of a deranged gunman. As a result, we say – “it’s   pointless”!

However, if we leave it there, we are swept into a dark and hopeless despair. For, if such a wonton act is not declared evil, then what else can it be called?  If we cannot sense a palpable force of evil unleashed yesterday, then we cannot find its opposite and antidote. If we do not look for the wonder of good to bring something that is meaningful out of this massacre, then where is there hope, where  is there comfort, where indeed is the possibility of Eden being restored.?

Julian of Norwich:

It is true that (evil) is the cause of all this pain;

but all shall be well

and all shall be well

and all manner of things will be well.

Let us keep the people of Cumbria in our prayers.

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