Soaring Ideas Sell!

T21Having a look at my Flickr photo sharing statistics recently had a few surprises for me. Because the pictures that have a great audience early on often fade into obscurity. Instead, its the slow seller with a few looks a week that seems to build and build into an evergreen product. And when you analyse their appeal, usually the are an ordinary photo of an object that interests people or that they have a reason for looking at; an old glider (sailplane to our American cousins), a quiet village street or even a vintage cider farm’s cart for example. In the end, they all sell!

This is also true of ideas – religious ones as well as secular thoughts. If an idea has appeal and is needed by someone to get through a problem then they will be used. Maybe not by many but they will sell in the end.

Now there is a thought for those who say thinking is dead. After all, in this age of austerity why not treat yourself today to a new idea. Actually they don’t sell well because they are free!


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