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Advice in an unlikely place

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to learn the computer language that lies behind websites. And what better place to learn it than on a computer? Because, there are some great online tutorials. However, I hadn’t expected to find on one of them sage advice as well. However, half way through a course with, I came across this gem of wisdom:

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. ‘Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,’ he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.’

Now there is real language that can span the globe!

(You can find by clicking here)

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What books are you taking on holiday

Well, its that time of year when I need to pick what to take on holiday in the way of books. In fact, I put it that way – ‘take’ rather than ‘take to read’ on the grounds that most of the tomes will return unopened.  Sometimes, they don’t interest me. Others I just don’t get round too. But there is an interesting class of literature that gets packed in the caravan firmly with the intention of never seeing the light of day until we return. And what are these unwanted travelling companions? Usually books that I feel I should read. That means either high literature – dusty Victorian volumes that forced humanity to invent television – or some worthy works from work. The later consist of either textbooks from student days or the tatty efforts picked up in charity stalls for a song which unfortunately never gets sung. In the end, I tend to over estimate the time I will spend reading and my rate of eye scanning. Moreover, I certainly over estimate my ‘stickability’ to soldier through page upon page, classic or not, fully aware that my only motivation is feel good at reaching the last one.

Bearing in mind life and memory is finite and that my mental stamina for the great works left me in my teens – what will I take on holiday? More’s the point what will I actually read on holiday? Whilst, I think about that – let me know your summer reading list …..


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A Marketing Strategy

Luke 10.1-9

Acts 3.1-10

Not so long ago Black & Decker were preparing for a large promotional campaign. And to get the angle just right for their advertising, they sent out market researchers to find what ‘Joe Soap’ actually wanted. They returned with the discouraging news that people didn’t want drills they wanted holes. In other words, they weren’t interested in power tools only what they can do for them.

Now that was not a surprising discovery really. Few of us get on a bus to have a ride in a Van Hool special – we get on to go somewhere. And here is an important point for the church. Because it is often said that those in church don’t want to evangelise others they just what full and vibrant services. On the other hand, those outside Christianity don’t want uninvited missionaries selling them religion on their door-steps. Where then is the answer?….

To read the full sermon, please click here.


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The Place of Love

img_16021_356x197_1 A long time ago I heard a comment that froze me to the marrow. It came from a neighbour after the deaths of family members in a car accident. She said – we have had so many good times together that now we must pay for them. The implication was that there was some celestial bank book of happiness and misery. Have too much of one and you were bound to have a dollop of the other in some mystical accounts balancing act.

Well, whether you think that way is up to you. However, there may be a grain of truth in this pessimism. And it is this. If life is to enjoyable and fun and fulfilling then we need to love someone. When the time of parting comes – a fact made inevitable by our biology – then the result is loss and bereavement. From that stark viewpoint there is an natural reckoning. Yet, surely, there must be more? For if we are more than molecules and human life more than a pre-programmed struggle to survive then there is a higher plane; a place where personality and creativity and love have a very real existence, a place where these humanities lie beyond the mortality of the material world and a place we might call by a very ancient name – Heaven.


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