What books are you taking on holiday

Well, its that time of year when I need to pick what to take on holiday in the way of books. In fact, I put it that way – ‘take’ rather than ‘take to read’ on the grounds that most of the tomes will return unopened.  Sometimes, they don’t interest me. Others I just don’t get round too. But there is an interesting class of literature that gets packed in the caravan firmly with the intention of never seeing the light of day until we return. And what are these unwanted travelling companions? Usually books that I feel I should read. That means either high literature – dusty Victorian volumes that forced humanity to invent television – or some worthy works from work. The later consist of either textbooks from student days or the tatty efforts picked up in charity stalls for a song which unfortunately never gets sung. In the end, I tend to over estimate the time I will spend reading and my rate of eye scanning. Moreover, I certainly over estimate my ‘stickability’ to soldier through page upon page, classic or not, fully aware that my only motivation is feel good at reaching the last one.

Bearing in mind life and memory is finite and that my mental stamina for the great works left me in my teens – what will I take on holiday? More’s the point what will I actually read on holiday? Whilst, I think about that – let me know your summer reading list …..


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