Walk with God

Dear friends,

Well, our new ‘term’ at St Luke’s has started off with a bang! Already we have enjoyed our Art & Craft Exhibition, reconsidered how we use our gifts from God in our Stewardship Campaign and held another most enjoyable film night and camping weekend. Of course, our Guild will soon start up with a superb programme of talks and fellowship. Nevertheless, we must never forget that which makes our companionship unique and that is its spiritual dimension. To that end, I have preached a sermon series on ‘called to be’ and am preparing to talk about the Reformation over a number of Sundays.  Similarly, I have got around, at long last, to launching the Emmaus Christian Course; this is a series of studies primarily aimed at those wanting develop their faith as well as new Christians and those inquiring into what we believe and stand for. And, needless to say, our Sunday School and Youth group are also off to a cracking start.

However, this autumn we must not lose sight of our own personal walk with God; an aspect of ourselves that we can easily forget through tiredness, busyness and distractions. I know that when life is hectic, it is often my inner meeting up with Christ that gets scored out of the diary. And this was the very point made by our Elder who preached at the Elders’ Service in August (sermon included in this edition of ‘The Notes’). For Elaine most appositely reminded us of the need to be quiet and know again our friend, Saviour and Creator. In fact, it is this very need to close down to the world and open up to God’s Spirit that prompted me to getting back to listening to the audio meditations from http://www.pray-as-you-go.org.

However, if you are less ‘techie’, don’t worry! There is plenty of material around to help focus the mind on the true essentials of life. Perhaps a few minutes pondering a verse from the Bible are all you need to drink deep from the fountain of spiritual refreshment. Because there is no doubt that scripture, thoughtful, prayerfully and intelligently used, is as Ezekiel describes “But the river itself, on both banks, will grow fruit trees of all kinds. Their leaves won’t wither, the fruit won’t fail. Every month they’ll bear fresh fruit because the river from the Sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing.”

Let me then leave you with a morning prayer, to help you towards having a spiritually rewarding day:

O light of light, O Dayspring bright,

Co-equal in thy Father’s light:

Assist us, as with prayer and psalm

Thy servants break the nightly calm.

All darkness from our minds dispel,

And turn to flight the hosts of hell:

Bid sleepfulness our eyelids fly,

Lest overwhelmed in sloth we lie.

Jesu, thy pardon, kind and free,

Bestow on us who trust in thee:

And as thy praises we declare,

O with acceptance hear our prayer.

O Father, that we ask be done,

Through Jesus Christ, thine only Son,

Who, with the Holy Ghost and thee,

Doth live and reign eternally.

With every blessing


Emmaus Christian Course

Tuesdays @ 2 p.m.

Choir Room

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