Le Gentleman

Bradley Wiggins is a winner. By that I am not daring to presume he will win the Tour de France. But yesterday when his arch rival Cadel Evans had his bike’s tyres sabotaged by tacks, he eased off the pace. The result was everyone had a sporting chance. No wonder the French press are labeling him ‘Le Gentleman’.

Now Britain at the moment needs gentlemen. And by that I don’t mean someone to hold up an umbrella for you in the continuous rain. Instead we desperately require ladies and gentlemen who are honest through all our corruption, selfless in our sea of self service and quietly able in all our incompetence. For the nation is reeling under a series of financial revelations and pay offs that is leaving ordinary folk mesmerized by both the amounts and the audacity of it all. Just as important, we are more and more surrounded by duffers in our national life who talk a good game.

Let then good and honest folk – ladies and gentlemen – emerge and bee applauded. For then we will all be winners!

Oh by the way, give the Armed Services who are saving the Olympics from being a shambles the same bonus as the London bus drivers, Tube Staff, Civil Servants……..


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