Exporting Winter

With age, I less and less look forward to winter. But these great pictures almost makes me look forward to the snow. But that’s art for you…

Citizen Sketcher

14Feb09_Snow Angels_Sketch Swap_Pines

A few weeks back I was part of an Urban Sketchers art exchange. I had partners in Girona and in Sao Paulo. There were other swaps with NYC. All told, about 40 artists participated.

We each did sketches of our towns and sent them off to our partners. The drawings were meant to arrive as a surprise, so I’ve been waiting til is was safe to show these.

14Feb09_Snow Angels_Sketch Swap_Bronze

I’d been fed up with the cold and wet of winter, and was feeling envious of these guys in sunny countries. Somehow that meant I really had to paint some snow. They had to see something that could only be found in Montreal. Perhaps there’s a little northern pride going on.

We were lucky enough to get the last snow of the year that very weekend. I got up early and headed straight to Mount Royal Cemetery to get these scenes.  It was…

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  1. Having grown up on an island (Guam), I can’t handle cold, even at the supermarket I make sure to wear a sweater or jacket. But how I love snowy pictures and nature scenes – and even wearing winter clothes! (the only time ‘o the year when it’s okay to look puffy!) Beautiful art! Watercolors are so tough to paint with, I so admire anyone who are skilled with it. Thanks for sharin’ it.

  2. Hi Sf

    Many thanks for your comment. Whilst I can’t take credit for painting these wonderful pictures I do know what you mean about the cold. Here in Scotland we have ‘moderate’ temperatures most of the time – but we all still hanker after warmer climes. As a result the airliners are full of people going on holiday to Spain and its islands.

    Once again thanks for taking time to comment and I hope you have good weather this summer.

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