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Summer Postcards

Here are some reflections I wrote last summer on time, change and hope.


Click here to read this collection in Wattpad.


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Sermon – The Bible as a gift from God

This week’s sermon is now posted at St Luke’s blog:


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Breathtaking Coincidence or…

Victor Meldrew’s catchphrase came straight through my lips. I don’t believe it! For I had just received a huge shock when I was  looking at the templates that came with my new website authoring software. because when I just happened to click on a ‘Contact us’ page at random, there was my cousin’s company’s details. Surely not – he lives hundreds of miles away and we have no business ties. I tried another template – same result.

I phoned him with this remarkable coincidence and indignant at the nerve of the software company to use his details without asking. He was nonplussed – I was nonplussed.

Was the world so preplanned that it could stage this  billion to one chance?  After all, what were the odds that I would buy a package that had used details of someone who I not just know but  was related to?

The penny dropped around midnight!

At Christmas my cousin had visited and done some publicity work online for his firm. Somehow, my newly installed software must have found a ‘contact’ file and thought itself being helpful when it loaded it up and showed it in its templates.

Clever certainly but sadly it demolished a proof  of life as a predestined film running before our eyes.  A movie which manufacturers breathtaking coincidences for reasons best known to itself. Instead,we must look for the divine guiding hand elsewhere and surely in the less trivial.


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In Search of Silence

In a few years time, will silence be extinct?

If that idea interests or concerns you then see this blog by Natural Urban Habitat:

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