Dimension of the Deep — DarylMadden

Morning sky of dwelling In palette softest blue Artist brush of stroking Paint the clouds anew   Wisps of swirling Spirit Across horizon sweep Lifting soul into Dimension of the deep Falling into marvel Easy contemplate The wonders of divine Of our God so great Coming to conclusion Of mystery above No understanding master Just accept […] via Dimension of the Deep — DarylMadden Continue reading Dimension of the Deep — DarylMadden

Painting the future

  The artist opened her paint box, dampened her brush and started. Before her was a handsome half-timbered house complete with moat and gatehouse. She worked on in that hot summer’s day. The picture developed but did not show the many visitors who trooped passed. She disliked their intrusion with garish tops and shorts into this piece of Tudor history. Then she sighted an old … Continue reading Painting the future

The Tree

The tree remembered being planted in the churchyard those many summers ago. For he saw the young daughter of the squire slipping in a copy of that new book on ‘Pride and Prejudice’ to wile away the long sermon. This blissful rural scene was oblivious to the battles being fought on land and sea to fence in the tyrant Napoleon. The tree brought to mind the … Continue reading The Tree