Israel & Palestine – Full Spectrum


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This photo reminds us of the Railway Children, cabin trunks and porters with barrows. In fact, it’s toning helps us to look backwards. Yet to see things only in black & white misses a great deal. Take the current stand off between Israel and the Palestinians which is peaking with the Gazza Blockade. Now here is a situation that is all too easy to see in the monotone of our own preconceptions, limited information and even prejudices. And certainly there is no end to the violent conflicts of justice, safety, and religions surrounding the State of Israel. However, there is also a potentially rich panorama of cultures, talents and abilities that could give a much better view for all the people of the Middle East. Since if we do look at the world in full spectrum, it is more complex but it offers us more opportunities.

After all my photo was taken only a few weeks ago and it is better when we don’t look back but use what we have for the future.


Passing the token – NYMR

Passing the token – NYMR, originally uploaded by taystar.

It was one of those idyllic days that comes about by accident. We had travelled over the North York Moors and a road with many near vertical drops to Levisham Station. There we watched the old system of ensuring that only one train is on the single track at a time. he who has the token as the line. In the warm sun, it was easy to think ourselves in a less hurried, less digital, less interconnected world. A world, indeed, that relied on brass and leather mechanics instead of plastic and silicon electronics. A word where neither email nor cellphone disturbed the tranquility. The ‘real’ pork pies tasted good too!